Goddess Candle Cup - Hand Forged Crystal Stand and Candle Stick Holder


When creating the Goddess Pedestal we set forth with the intention of designing a magical altar tool that would have the versatility to be used in different ways based on your intentions and practice.

In most practices the use of crystals and candles is a key component. Sometimes you need more candles, sometimes you need more crystals. Wouldn't it be amazing to have one tool that could proudly display both? 

The Goddess Candle Cup is a gorgeous, vintage inspired Candle Stick Holder, and a stunning Crystal Sphere Stand. All hand forged by Daelen Forge.

It has been carefully crafted to ensure it will hold standard sized candle sticks (fantastic for scribing!), and it can hold spheres 30mm or larger. We have tested it with spheres up to 80mm and it can easily hold even larger spheres proudly and securely. 

The Goddess Pedestal is functional, practical, versatile as well as beautiful with a nod to the ancient ways. Ready for your rituals and offerings.


Because they are all hand-forged, and each piece of metal has its own essence and character, there may be small blemishes or imperfections, but these add to the unique character of the piece, giving it a special individuality. No two pieces are ever exactly the same.

Have questions about this piece? Please message us before you purchase. We would be happy to answer all your questions about our creations so you can feel confident in your purchase.   

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