Blue Bells - Forged Steel

Clear out stagnant energies with a gorgeous, hand forged and fire painted Blue Bell.

The ringing of a bell is used in many practices as an important ritual tool. Sound is energy which allows the ringing of bells to have both physical and symbolic powers. Bells can be used for many purposes including clearing negative or stagnant energy, to call upon positive and desirable influences, charge and clear crystals/herbs/altar, or for circle casting and spellwork, A forged bell is also traditionally hung by the door to protect the home. In modern practice, many use a bell as part of their meditation work in order to better connect with ones inner-self. The bell is one tool that will truly speak to you. Simply quiet your mind, ring, and listen.

Each one of our bells is individually hand forged with unique designs and sounds. All of our bells are naturally fire-painted into blues, then protected with a museum quality wax to ensure quality sound.

Each bell is slightly different, click to see each one and select the one that calls to you. 

We recommend hanging your blue bell from string or fishing line to limit interference with the sound. Each bell has a different tone. Some are deeper, others are higher. Each bell is one of a kind.  

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