Gaia Vessel (Large Altar Burning Bowl)

Daelen Forge

NOTE: Due to the large size and delicate nature of this one of a kind piece it is local pick up only. 

The Story of Gaia

Gaia (also spelled Gaea) is the Greek Goddess of the Earth. Born of chaos she is known as Mother Earth, creator of all life. Although able to wield incredible power, she is believed to be benevolent, caring and uses her abilities to spread prosperity.

As one of the primordial deities (the first born gods and goddesses), Gaia was the very personification of the celestial body which housed all of life. She is the matriarch of all things in existence. She is born of star dust, and we are all born of her.

Gaia is personification of Earth, and in this creation we honour Gaia as the Mother of Earth with our Gaia Vessel.

The Story of this Creation

To create this piece three pieces of steel were forge welded together to form a solid trunk bursting forth from a circular base representing Earth. From that strong foundation, the trunk splits to form three branches, just as Gaia did in creating her children from her flesh without a man. Those branches represent Gaia’s three children: the Sky (Uranus), the Sea (Pontus), and the Mountains (Ourea). At the end of each branch is a leaf that has been fire painted into the blues to represent the gorgeous blues found in the sky, sea and mountains.

Suspended from those branches by chains is a burning bowl vessel. The bowl has been quenched in a ritually infused oil to provide cleansing, protection and strength. Perfect for your offerings, even burning offerings.

Important Item Details

NOTE: This is a very tall, large piece, while also being delicate. As such it will be available for local pick up only. 

This is a one of a kind bowl. We may make other bowls similar to this bowl in the future, but they will be different dimensions and slightly different design to make it easier to ship. 

Measurement of The Gaia Vessel is approximately: 10" x 14.5". 



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