Omega Witch's Bell (Limited Edition, Only 2 Created)

Daelen Forge

Working with sound in rituals is a powerful medium that is used across practices and cultures throughout time. With this creation we wanted to create a substantial ritual bell that would aid in communication, cleansing and work as a powerful connection tool.
When I came across this steel from an antique oxygen tank, I knew I wanted to create something special that embraced the power of fire, honoured the strength of the iron, called upon the energy of moon, and captured the magic of sound. 

This piece has been hand forged, the bell fire painted, then the whole piece quenched in quartz infused moon waters. 

Bell's are used in practice for protection, to dispel negative or evil energies, to communicate with or invoke spirits and ancestors, celebrate the liminal, and so many more purposes. Ritual use of bells goes back centuries. Simply ringing a bell changes the energy of a space, bringing a magical energy to the area. This bell would make a powerful ritual tool for any practitioner.
See the video to hear it ring. As you strike different parts of the bell it makes different tones. 
Note: as with all fire painted pieces the colour moves and changes based on the light. Sometimes it will appear more blue, other times the purples and bronzes will shine through. It all depends on your lighting. 

The Omega Witch's Bell measures approximately 12.5"W x 13"H x 4"D. The striker is approximately 8" long. The entire piece weighs approximately 3.6kg. This is a substantial piece!

Because they are all hand-forged, and each piece of metal has its own essence and character, there may be small blemishes or imperfections, but these add to the unique character of the piece, giving it a special individuality. No two pieces are ever exactly the same.
Only two available and I will not be making more. 
Have questions about this piece? Please message us before you purchase. We would be happy to answer all your questions about our creations so you can feel confident in your purchase.   

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