At Daelen Forge we love that each piece has its own special and unique qualities. No two pieces are ever exactly the same. You can wear your Daelen Forge Original with pride knowing it was meticulously crafted using fire and hammer in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada by an Artisan Blacksmith. 

Care of Forged Bowls:

Depending on your bowl it may have been through one of two finishing processes.

Beeswax Finish 

If your bowl has a beeswax finish this means that at least 15 layers of home rendered beeswax has been burned onto your bowl to created a traditional, highly durable, non-toxic and burn safe finish. With time and use, this finish may start to wear thin. You can use a process similar to seasoning cast iron pots or rub in a fresh layer of beeswax as required. 

Artisan Finish

If your bowl is an Artisan bowl we do not recommend using it for burning. The finish on your bowl has been created using a combination of hand carving, gilding and fire painting. It is finished with a durable and protective clear coat. Inspect your bowl regularly for any wear and reapply a protective clear coat as required. 

Burning in Beeswax Bowls:

A special note of caution if you are using our beeswax bowls to burn sage, incense, smudge, etc. Always ensure your bowl is on a burn safe surface. For burning we recommend purchasing one of our raised base bowls for additional safety. Never, ever leave a burning bowl unattended for any reason. The bowl is forged metal, it will become very hot. Use caution to ensure the bowl is completely cool before handling. 


Currency Note: 

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