Care Of Your Purchase

Congratulations on your purchase of a Daelen Forge Original!

Your item has been meticulously crafted, using techniques centuries old, to forge metal into your beautiful new piece. To maintain the beauty, durability and functionality of your piece certain care steps need to be followed. 

As care of your Daelen Forge Originals varies based on the piece, we have divided the care instructions into categories. If you are unsure how to care for your piece, please reach out. 

A NOTE ON PATINA - With all forged creations it is important to keep in mind that we are working with natural materials that will patina and change over time. This is completely natural and part of forging and creating with natural iron and other metals. Patina does not affect the integrity of your piece. There are things you can do to help delay the development of patina. See below for specific care instructions. 


WEARABLES  (necklaces, brooches, hair pins, etc.)

Note: Our pieces are forged from steel which includes high quantities of iron. Some people may develop adverse reactions to iron and other metals. If you start to notice any irritation, remove the piece immediately. No one should wear our pieces 24/7. For safety reasons, always remove your necklace when sleeping or doing any activity where the necklace may get caught. 

All of our wearables are finished with a durable clear coat to protect the finish. Over time you may notice the clear coat on your piece start to wear thin. To preserve your piece, simply reapply the clear coat (any spray clear coat will work) to keep it protected. 

Never expose your pieces to excessive moisture or abrasives or heat sources. Always remove when bathing.  

Protect your piece from damage caused by impact with zippers, other necklaces or any metal pieces.  

Do not use hair pieces (crowns, hair pins, hair cuffs, etc.) in damp hair. Hair products may damage the piece. 

A few more tips:

  • Do not wear your piece all day and night. Unlike gold or sterling silver it is not safe to wear high iron content metal against your skin for extended periods of time. If you are looking for a piece to wear and never take off, please visit a gold or silversmith. 
  • Do not wear your piece when showering, swimming, excessive sweating, or near any water. This will cause it to rust and will damage the leather cording. 
  • Do not wear your piece when sleeping. 
  • Do not wear your piece when working around machinery or in any situation where it may get caught. 
  • Special finishes such as fire painting, bronze brushing etc. can become damaged. If abused or roughly handled they may start to wear and the colours may start to change. Taking proper care of your piece will protect it for many, many years to come and preserve the original quality. 

To clean, simply wipe gently with a soft cloth. 

Daelen Forge pendants are hung on a high quality, cured leather cording. Inspect for wear regularly and replace if necessary. If you wish to swap out the leather cord for a chain, watch carefully for any damage the chain may cause to the pendant. Metal on metal may cause damage and excessive wear. Replacement cords and chains can be purchased in many places including Michael's. 



NOTE: Our burning bowls are raised to keep them off the table surface. Never, ever use a burning bowl off of its base. Never leave a burning bowl unattended. The bowl may become very hot, always be responsible and use caution. 

Our hand forged bowls are protected with an all natural and highly durable beeswax finish that has been burning on at high temperatures through multiple layers. If over time you notice the finish becoming thin or wearing, apply a new protective layer of beeswax. Alternatively, you can treat the bowls as you would season a cast iron pot using oils. 

When using suspended burning bowls, keep your burns smaller to ensure the chains are not heated as this could damage the chain links. 

These are decorative bowls and not meant to be used for food. They are NOT dishwasher safe and should not be exposed to any moisture or abrasives. Caution should be used with what items you place in the bowls to prevent damage. 

If you have one of our bowls that has a fire painted, bronze brush or copper gilding finish, these do not have a burn safe finish. They are protected with a clear coat. Please see the section on wearables for care of clear coated pieces. 



Our Dinner Triangles are left with no protective coating to provide a clear and true ring. If you do not want it to patina and develop natural wear and rust, we recommend applying a clear coat, however, this will change the "ring" of your triangle.



NOTE: It is up to the new owner of the knife or axe to ensure the piece is stored properly and safely at all times. Always inspect before use. 

Proper care of your carbon steel blade is very important to ensure its longevity. Use caution when sharpening and ensure it is stored properly. 

Daelen Forge Blades are all forged from carbon steel. The type of steel used, plus blade style and edge geometry, will determine what purposes your knife can be used for. If you plan on using your blade for any purpose other than decorative, ensure you speak to us before your purchase to ensure the blade you have chosen is suitable for your purposes. 

NOTE: We do not make kitchen knives. 

Ensure you do not expose your knives to anything acidic as this will damage the finish of your blade. 

Since our blades are carbon steel you will need to care for them as you would any other carbon steel blade to prevent corrosion. Ensure you are using proper sharpening techniques, do not expose your blade to moisture, and oil your blade regularly.

Keep your blades clean and dry. Lightly oil it regularly. Especially after use.

Do not expose your blades to any heat source or abrasive material.

If you have never owned a high carbon blade before, please read up on proper care techniques to ensure your blade lasts a lifetime and you do not damage it.

When it comes time to sharpen your blade, I recommend sharpening with a whetstone.

Ensure your blade is stored properly to prevent corrosion and protect the edge.

Do not store carbon steel blades in a leather sheath. Ensure they are stored in a clean, dry place, with the edge protected. 



Daelen Forge Original blades are all hand forged carbon steel. Proper care of this steel is very important, including proper storage. Carbon blades should not be stored in leather sheaths as it can lead to corrosion and damage to the blade if not done properly. We do not make sheaths or provide sheaths for any of our blades. 

If you do require a sheath for carrying, find a sheath maker who can make you something specific to your needs. Creating proper sheaths is an artform. It needs to be created not only for the specific blade, but also for the user and their intended purpose. 

When using a sheath the blade must be properly oiled and the protective finish maintained as the chemicals and conditioners used in the tanning process of leather, will attract moisture to the blade leading to corrosion and rust.

Never use a sheath with one of our Ceremonial Athames. It will remove the protective renaissance wax finish and damage the fire painting or blackening treatments. 



Daelen Forge Original athames and ceremonial blades such as bolines are carbon steel blades treated with a Renaissance Wax protective finish. Renaissance Wax is used in antique restoration and museum conservation around the world, in particular for the preservation and protection of metal. With proper use and care, you should not need to do anything special to care for your athame.

Athames and ceremonial blades should be used only for their intended purpose (energy / ceremonial / ritual / decorative use). These blades are not hardened and tempered and should not be used on any physical matter. 

Do not expose to open flame or any heat source.

Do not expose to any moisture of any form, including water, oils, etc.

This is not a blade to be used on any physical matter. If you are looking for a ritual blade that can be used on physical matter, such as wildcrafting, herbs, rope cutting, candle carving, etc., explore my hand forged knives that are created for those purposes. Please contact me if you have any questions about finding the perfect tools for your intended purpose.

Store your athame properly. This is a forged carbon steel blade, as such it will be prone to rapid patina, corrosion and rust if not used, cared for, and stored properly.

Do not store in a leather sheath or wrap in leather. Leather retains moisture and has chemicals from the tanning process that can damage the athame. It will also remove the protective renaissance wax finish and damage the fire painting or blackening treatments. 

Store in a cool, dry place, where it is protected from heat, moisture and damage. Note, excessive direct sunlight can lead to damage of the Renaissance Wax protective finish. Reapply to protect your piece. 

Although you should never need to if used as intended, to clean your athame simply wipe it gently with a soft cloth (the cloths used to clean glasses are great for this purpose). Do not use anything abrasive to clean the piece. Repeated cleaning, even with a soft cloth, will remove the Renaissance Wax protective finish and could lead to damage of the finish on your piece.

To provide extra protection for the lifetime of your athame, reapply the Renaissance Wax protective finish at regular intervals. See the directions on the container of Renaissance Wax on how to do this. You can find Renaissance Wax at many art stores or Amazon.


FOOD SAFE ITEMS (roasting sticks, steak flippers, etc.)

Items protected with a food safe finish will need special care to ensure it lasts a lifetime. Care is similar to any other cast iron products you may already have in your kitchen. 

Do not expose to any thing acidic. This will damage the finish of your piece. 

The best way to protect your item is to apply vegetable oil every few uses. Simply put some oil on a cloth and rub it into the metal, ensuring you coat all the surfaces. 

To clean, wipe off any food particles. Do not scrub or immerse in water. If your item does become wet, dry immediately and if necessary reapply a protective oil coating. 


ALL OTHER ITEMS (bottle openers, wands, roses, etc.)

Many of our items are finished with a durable clear coat. It will withstand extensive use, however over the lifetime of your piece you may notice the protective coating start to wear thin. To preserve your piece and keep it protected, simply reapply a clear coat.

Never expose your pieces to moisture or abrasives, this will damage the protective finish and will eventually lead to rusting and permanent damage. 

We highly recommend that  all of our products be kept indoors only. If you wish to keep a flower outdoors or use a hook outdoors, please be aware that it will affect the fire colours and it will rust and patina in the elements. You may prefer this antique, aged, natural wear look. To slow this process you can keep it protected with a regular application of clear coat. The best protection for your piece, to maintain it's beauty, is to keep it out of the elements.



To ensure the beauty, functionality and longevity of your Daelen Forge Original, please ensure you are following all proper care guidelines. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure all pieces are only used for their intended purpose, that proper care and precautions are followed at all times, and due diligence is exercised in caring for the piece to maintain its condition. Without the proper care, all blacksmith created pieces will wear and rust. That is the nature of steel and iron. A small amount of proper care will ensure your creation is a long lasting and treasured piece.

If you have a question about caring for your Daelen Forge Original, please reach out to