About Daelen Forge

Daelen Forge is the home of Artisan Blacksmith Shaun Semple. All works from this shop are hand forged by Shaun, just outside of Edmonton in our home family forge. 

As a proud Edmonton blacksmith and artist, I participate in a number of highly juried shows in the Edmonton area with my creations. Including Signatures Shows (Butterdome, Indie Handmade), and The Witchery Market. My work can also be found in the Alberta Craft Gallery in Downtown Edmonton. 

As a fulltime Artisan Blacksmith since 2015 I specialize in combining a love of history, mythology, ritual, and the incredible powers of fire and iron. Each piece is meticulously hand forged in my shop by me, using techniques that are often centuries old, and many tools that have been pounding steel for over 100 years. One of my most cherished items is an anvil that is over 115 years old, and was used in the local jail where my grandfather used to work. I love this powerful connection to history and embrace it in my craft through my tools, reclaimed steels, ancient techniques and more.

Working with fire and metal is a timeless tradition that goes back to the early days of metalworking when man first started making tools from iron. The ring of a hammer on metal is a music that echoes through the ages, known the world over. Modern blacksmiths continue to use many techniques that have remained unchanged for centuries. Each piece has it's own energy, it's own story to tell. Combining the power of fire and the skills of the blacksmith, the result is unique hand forged pieces that speak of our ancestors but in designs that reflect our modern essence.

We have honoured this long history of blacksmiths with the name Daelen, an old English mythical blacksmith with supernatural powers.

Daelen Forge started in 2015 and to this day we create everything in our small home forge. Each item is handmade by artisan blacksmith Shaun and his wife Shelley using both new and recycled materials. Every piece is made, one at a time, with great attention to detail. As they are hand forged and hammered, all of our items are unique and special, no two items will ever be exactly the same. We take pride in finishing every piece to the highest level of quality. Nothing leaves the forge unless we are 100% happy with the final product.

At Daelen Forge we specialize in timeless pieces, such as altar and ritual pieces, a gamer series, storied knives and axes, personal accessories, and home décor items. 

Explore the creations from the fires of Daelen Forge. Proudly Made in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Shaun Semple, Artisan Blacksmith is recognized as a professional artist with Alberta Craft Council and ABANA.

Thank you for supporting small business and Edmonton artists! Through your support you have kept this blacksmith working fulltime since 2015! Thank you!


Please note that all of our stock has been removed from the online store as it will be with us at our Christmas Shows. For your holiday shopping needs you can find us in person at:
Indie Handmade Nov 18-20
Butterdome Craft Sale Dec 1-4

If you are looking for something specific you can email us at info@daelenforge.com, however please be aware that during this busy show season it may take us up to a week to respond to all inquiries. Thank you for your understanding.