Anvil Dust (Blacksmith Dirt, Blacksmith Dust, Magnetic Sand)

Known as Anvil Dust, Blacksmith Dirt, or Magnetic Sand, whatever you call it, this stuff is magic in a bottle! 

Our Anvil Dust is only harvested during very sacred and special forgings such as when we forge our Altar Bowls. All of our sacred forged items are quenched in quartz infused moon waters, providing another level of energy to our Anvil Dust. This makes our Anvil Dust the cleanest and most powerful Dust to use in your spell work, mojo bags, and to charge your lodestones.

Hand collected from our anvil that is over 100 years old, it is cleaned and prepared in small batches to ensure maximum power and energy. Anvil Dust has been used for centuries to charge lodestones, to bring luck in love and money, plus in spell work and hoodoo practice.

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Our Anvil Dust is available now and comes in two options:

Regular Vial, total weight approx. 35g. 

Necklace on a chain, total weight approx. - 28g*

*Wearing blacksmith dirt on your person is said to be a powerful protective talisman and draws prosperity and luck in love and money.

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