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**Please read this SPECIAL ORDER listing carefully.**

Ogham is an ancient Celtic alphabet that works with the natural energies of trees. Tuning in and aligning with the energy of specific trees can help with healing, provide guidance, and foster connection with your higher self.

The Celts celebrated the divine aspect of trees, creating their own alphabet inspired by the trees. There are 20 letters in total, each with its own tree. The trees are: Birch (Beith), Rowan (Luis), Alder (Fearn), Willow (Saille), Ash (Nuin), Hawthorn (Huathe), Oak (Duir), Holly (Tinne), Hazel (Coll), Apple (Quert), Vine (Muin), Ivy (Gort), Reed/Broom (nGetal), Blackthorn (Straif), Elder (Ruis), Fir (Ailim), Gorse/Furze (Ohn), Heather (Ur), Aspen/Popular (Eadha) and Yew (Ioho).


*** This listing is to SPECIAL ORDER a set of hand forged Ogham, 20 pieces. These will be forged AFTER your order is placed and paid in full. It will take approximately 6 TO 8 WEEKS to fulfill your order ***


You are ordering a hand forged Ogham set featuring all 20 of the Celtic Tree Ogham. These special, limited production sets feature a unique shape, hammered and textured finish, with hot chiseled symbols. Part of the forging process will be done on a naturally felled Birch trunk to work with the energy of the tree. Birch is a tree of beginnings and symbolizes renewal and purification. Birch or Beithe, is the first tree of the Ogham making it a powerful tree to use in the forging of this Ogham set. Finally, each piece will be quenched in quartz infused moon waters then treated with a protective coating.

Each Ogham is meticulously hand crafted through every stage in the process creating a special set that will be cherished for generations.


Because they are all hand-forged, and each piece of metal has its own essence and character, there may be small blemishes or imperfections, but these add to the unique character of the piece, giving it a special individuality. These are designed to be collectors items. 

These are hand forged iron steel. Over time, with extensive use, the protective finish may start to wear and the pieces may develop spots of rust. Simply apply a bit of clear coat protective finish if you start to notice any rust.

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