At Daelen Forge we love that each piece has its own special and unique qualities. No two pieces are ever exactly the same.

This is especially true with our Storied Knives and Axes which are forged from antique and reclaimed metals.

You can use your Daelen Forge Original with pride knowing it was meticulously crafted using fire and hammer in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada by an Artisan Blacksmith. 


Care of Forged Tools:

Proper care of your carbon steel blade is very important to ensure its longevity. Use caution when sharpening and ensure it is stored properly. 

Our Storied Blades are all forged from previously used high carbon steel. The type of steel used, plus blade style and edge geometry, will determine what purposes your knife can be used for. If you plan on using your blade for any purpose other than decorative, ensure you speak to us before your purchase to ensure the blade you have chosen is suitable for your purposes. 

NOTE: We do not make kitchen knives. 

Ensure you do not expose your knives to anything acidic as this will damage the finish of your blade. 

Since our blades are high carbon steel you will need to care for them as you would any other high carbon blade. Ensure you are using proper sharpening techniques, do not expose your blade to moisture, and oil your blade regularly.

Keep your blades clean and dry.

Do not expose your blades to any heat source.

If you have never owned a high carbon blade before, please read up on proper care techniques to ensure your blade lasts a lifetime and you do not damage it. I recommend proper sharpening with a whetstone. As with all high carbon, forged blades, it will also need periodic oiling to maintain its condition. 

Ensure your blade is stored properly to prevent corrosion and protect the edge. 


Daelen Forge Original blades are all hand forged carbon steel. Proper care of this steel is very important, including proper storage. Carbon blades should not be stored in leather sheaths as it can lead to corrosion and damage to the blade if not used properly. We do not make sheaths or provide sheaths for any of our blades. 

If you do require a sheath for carrying, find a sheath maker who can make you something specific to your needs. Creating proper sheaths is an artform. It needs to be created not only for the specific blade, but also for the user and their intended purpose. 

When using a sheath the blade must be properly oiled and the protective finish maintained as the chemicals and conditioners used in the tanning process of leather, will attract moisture to the blade leading to corrosion and rust if not properly protected. 

Where noted, my blades come gift boxed.

Currency Note: 

Please note, all prices are in Canadian dollars and you will be charged in Canadian currency. We have provided a courtesy conversion tool on this site. These conversions are an ESTIMATE only of what the cost will be in your currency. Although close, we can not guarantee that these conversions are 100% accurate. During checkout your credit card company will handle the conversion.